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Batavia Feeder Basketball

Batavia Feeder Basketball has been in existence for over 28 years due to the tireless efforts of many. Our thanks goes out to these volunteers. Batavia Feeder Basketball seeks to provide a wholesome opportunity for 1st through 8th grade boys and girls to learn, enjoy and be competitive in the game of basketball. We believe in giving every athlete a chance to grow both in skills development and team play. Athletes will be asked to be committed to the team and their own growth by participating in all practices and games. The club believes that individual and team growth can both be accomplished while giving each athlete equitable opportunity to grow in skills and game situations. Above all, we hope that each child will come out of the program desiring to continue in the game of basketball.

BFB was originally started as a 7th and 8th Grade program in 1993. Several years later a separate group started a 5th and 6th Grade Program. These two independent programs joined forces in 2002 with a strong synergy and focus. The Girls Program was added for the 2017-18 Season. BFB also joined forces with All-Star Sports to provide a high quality program for 1st and 2nd graders for the 2017-18 Season. It has been built by a core of individuals around a core set of beliefs and philosophies centered on the youth of Batavia’s community and the community itself. Currently, the program serves over 325 youths from 1st – 8th grade with a quality program that is well-aligned with the Batavia High School program and objectives, and has retained a high level of participant satisfaction over the years.

2021-22 Feeder Basketball Teams - Rosters

Below are the boys on the 7th & 8th Grade Competitive Travel Teams. If your son is not on this list, he will remain registered for the Recreational Travel Season which begins in January. You will be getting more information from BFB in December.
8th Grade Competitive Travel Teams

Red     Gold     White  
Bodi Anderson   Ryan Augustine Evan Blankenship 
Brett Berggren   Ryan Edgerton   Liam Darre
Teagan Carlson   Max Fields   Jack Domanus
Joey Daley   Jack Holzl   Adam  Goro 
Gavin Heniff   Ryan Myers   Owen  Kochen
Olan Johnson   Logan Paulin   Max Kouzes
Xavier Justice   Caleb Peters   Brady Loftis
Joseph Reid   Ben Sartori   Tony Minnec
Benjamin Silbernagel Rex Tesene   Parker Riippi
Coaches     Coaches     Coach  
Lamar Justice   Steve Sartori   Justin Kochen
Eric  Carlson         Chris Kouzes


7th Grade Competitive Travel Teams

Red     Gold     White  
Michael  Bergman   Zachary Brandon   Daniel  Alvarado 
AJ Chione   Brady DeFelice   Johnny  Banahan 
Nolan Grimm   Ryan Ebel   Matthew  Buckert
Nate Helfer   Shawn Heath   Joseph Glatt
hudson Legut   Aiden Kropp   Jack Henderson
Will Murphy    Thomas Prescott   Darrick Jenkins
Ethan Schreiner   Danny  Rabehl    Aaron  Kernler
Mikey Slattery   Brody  Rupert   Charles Lemme
Brennon Zeng   Carter  Swanson   Mason Yager 
Coaches     Coaches     Coaches  
Mike  Slattery   Wayne DeFelice   Dan Kernler
Peter Bergman            


Below are the boys on the 3rd-6th Grade Competitive Travel Teams. If your son is not on this list, he will be on a Recreational Travel Team. The lists of the Recreational Travel Teams will be out next week if we can get coaches together for each team. If you are interested in coaching a Recreational Travel team please email us at

6th Grade Competitive Travel Teams

Red     Gold  
Cooper Harmon   Alex  Bartels
Hawke Lawler   Nathan Ellis
Eli Loboda   Liam Jensen
Jack Myatt   Luke Johansen
Kyle Nazos   Brody Jones 
Brandon Otten   Micah Lauffer
Will Scranton   Gavin McKelvie
Lucas Voelkner   Cal Miller
Max Zagotta   Grant Robertson
      Luke Solano
Coaches     Coaches  
Nick Zagotta   R.J.  Bartels
Derek Scranton   Kevin  Jensen

5th Grade Competitive Travel Teams

Luke  Feller 
Waylon Fritz
Benjamin Howell
Lewis Mckillip
Lincoln Morgan
Cole Rayman
Mason Sullivan
Carsen Temple
Declan Walker
Aiden Wyatt
John Morgan
Kris Rayman

4th Grade Competitive Travel Teams

Red     Gold  
Luke Aseltine   Beckham Charlett
Chris Grometer Collin Gray
Jackson Gorski   Brock  Johansen
Rylan Heath   Raymond Kernler 
Carter McCann   Reid Lauffer
Ben Myatt   TJ Lejeck
Wyatt Thomas   AJ Liska
Konx Umbach   Keimar  McGill
Nicky Zagotta   Tyler Panozzo
      Noah Pircon
Coaches     Coaches  
Nick Zagotta   John Lejeck
Jim  Thomas   Scott Charlett

3rd Grade Competitive Travel Teams

Max  Browning 
Kaden Dorrough
Joseph Grimes
Colin Kusnierz
Easton Lawler
Grady Miller
Cameron Resch
Ben Schweighardt
Noah Umbach
Cian Williams
Brian Kusnierz

3rd / 4th Grade Recreational Travel Rosters

Black       Silver    
Jack Carter 3rd   Colton Plocinski 3rd
Asher Schulenberg 4th   Maxwell Devaney 4th
Isaac DeLeon 3rd   Jake Paulin 4th
Nolan Hillman 3rd   Oliver Ryan 3rd
Oliver Openshaw 3rd   Jameson Willey 3rd
Vincent Obrochta 3rd   Logan Ngo 3rd
Holden Mahon 3rd   Nicholas Pearson 3rd
Zander Nelson 3rd   Cameron Klein 3rd
                         Mikey Liska 3rd
Coach Schwarz     Coach Plocinski  
Coach Hillman          


5th / 6th Grade Recreational Travel Rosters

Black       Silver    
Nolan Bryant 6th   Eamon Williams 6th
Josh Cooper 6th                  Connor Michalek 6th
Rhys Perkins 6th   Jordan Beals 6th
Caleb White 6th   Jacob Wells 5th
Finnegan MacKenzie 6th   Ethan Brown 5th
Trevor Brooks 5th   Jeremy Shillair 6th
Isaac Morales 6th   Drew Thomas 6th
Joshua Perfect 6th   Justin Engebretson 6th
        Tyler Heffley 6th
Coach White          
        Coach Shillair